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院屬教育研討會 Educational Seminar



Education must keep pace with the times. Our organization provides opportunities for learning and exchange between teachers and specialists through educational seminars constantly every year so as to enhance the quality of education services of our principals and teachers, such as“Co-operation Interface between Kindergarten and Primary Education ”,“ School Safety Education ” , “Campus Crisis Polyhedron” and workshops to promote teachers’ skills in children’s science and technology learning.

境外交流 Exchange Program Outside Hong Kong




To further enhance the professional development of the teaching teams in our kindergarten and child-care centers, the assistance of the Liaison Office of the Central Government SAR has organized several exchange programs in Mainland China. Such programs are aimed at providing opportunities for our teaching teams to know more about the operations of the pre-school education system in China, and to improve abilities when adopting teaching methods and strategies for students .

校本培訓 Internal Training



In line with the school-based training objectives and to enhance the development of children’s mathematics, art and music, we provided professional learning for the teachers in different learning areas. In addition, the school conducts a Learning Behavioral Management Training Program to allow teachers to develop skills in behavioral counseling.