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課程發展 Curriculum





Curriculum Arrangement

Our curriculum is based on the “Kindergarten Education Curriculum Guide”(2017) by the Education Bureau. Our teaching staff have selected textbooks and teaching materials in a well-advised manner. Our teaching themes are separated into different modules and units. The learning areas consists of languages, mathematics, arts, emotion, civic and moral education which matches with the abilities, interests and life experience of children. We hope that every child can benefit with our diversified intellectual development through play-based strategy.







The school adopts the child-centered concept of curriculum. We focus on the healthy development of children as a whole and their spirit of exploration, and let the children to have free exploration from the game. We emphasize that children are the masters of their learning. They use their own ways and experience, to identify and solve their problems in their own world.






Mission of Curriculum

Our curriculum is designed in accordance to the physical and mental developmental needs of children, this stimulates their interest in learning and equips them with a solid foundation for future learning, we are focused to cultivate our children in order to provide a balanced development in all aspects, namely, intelligent, physical, language, emotional, social and self-care abilities etc.




  1. 採用「主題教學」,因應兒童的整體發展,利用螺旋式課程設計。學習主題取材自兒童生活的層面。
  2. 學習活動是以綜合教學形式進行,包括遊戲活動、生活自理訓練、故事戲劇、物料操作等。
  3. 實行「專題研習」教學,提高兒童主動創作思維的學習能力,掌握學習及解難的技能。


Curriculum feature

  1. Adoption of “subject teaching”, in accordance with the overall development of children, the use of spiral course design. Learning themes are drawn from children’s lives.
  2. Learning activities are conducted in the form of comprehensive teaching, including game activities, life self-care training, drama.
  3. The implementation of “project learning” teaching, improve children’s creative thinking ability to learn, master the skills of learning and problem-solving.