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本校每天為兒童預備三餐膳食,包括早餐、午餐、下午茶點及水果,食譜乃參照社會福利署及參考幼營喜動校園計劃的幼兒營養指引編訂,每日提供口味及款式多樣化的餐點,為孩子在校園締造一個有利於健康飲食的環境,令他們的飲食符合「三低一高」(即低脂/油、低鹽、低糖及高膳食纖維) 的健康原則,藉此培養兒童良好的飲食習慣。此外,午餐更備由中醫師設計之營養湯水系列,以滿足兒童的營養所需。





Our Meal
The school prepares three meals a day for children, including breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea and fruit. The recipes are prepared in accordance with the Social Welfare Department and the Child Care Guidance Scheme of the Pre-school Camping Scheme. Daily meals with diverse tastes and styles For the children to develop a healthy diet on campus to ensure that their diet meets the health principles of 「three low and one high」 (ie, low fat / oil, low salt, low sugar and high dietary fiber) eating habits. In addition, the lunch is prepared by the Chinese physician designed nutrition soup series, to meet the nutritional needs of children.


** The principal of the school is a member of the core team of the Camp-to-Camp Campus Program for a term of six years from 2011 to 2017. Continuing to assist in the implementation of the program.