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生活日程 Daily schedule

兒童由家庭過渡到有組織的學校,規律的生活節奏,有助孩子建立安全感,培育良好的習慣。 本校為使兒童身心得到均衡的發展,在編訂日程和時間運用方面,會按兒童身心發展的需要、能力和興趣,並兼顧兒童的生理、體能、社交和認知等的需要。活動採動靜交替, 日常活動的設計著重激發兒童的求知慾,給予探索和嘗試的機會,以便兒童從觀察、嘗試、實踐中得到實際體驗,使他們得到滿足和建立自信。


Daily schedule
We provide help for toddlers grow up and need to leave the security of their homes and start their school life and help them build a sense of security, and nurture good habits. In order to achieve a balanced development of physical and mental development, the school will take into account the physical, social and cognitive needs of children in terms of the needs, abilities and interests and mental development. Activities are designed to stimulate children’s curiosity, given the opportunity to explore and try to enable children to observe, try, practice to get the actual experience, so that they are satisfied and build self-confidence.