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校本課程 School-based Curriculum

  1. 專題研習 / 繪本創作

在學與教的互動過程中,由兒童作主導,透過思考、嘗試、討論及探究等過程,促進他們合作、溝通及解決問題等能力,啟發兒童的多元智能,引發他們內在學習動機,學會學習的能力。 教師更結合藝術及語文課程,與兒童一起進行繪本創作。

Project study

During the interaction of learning and teaching, children are lead to act in master position. They are encouraged to think, to try, to discuss and to explore. Through which, children’s multi-intelligence and learning motivation are stimulated and abilities in cooperation, communication and problem-solving are enhanced.

  1. 社交及成長課程



Social Skill Development Curriculum

N1 to K2 class: Curriculum is designed and implemented by a Social Worker. It aims at educating children to express and release their emotions, problem solving, sex and life education. in their most suitable ways. All classes have their own topics and classes will be held on Thursdays. Discussions are conducting through stories, role play and games. Children also have opportunities to practice at home and in schools through thematic worksheets.


  1. EVI兒童教育資訊網(兒童及家長天地)



EVI Education Information Network for Children (Children & Parental Platform)

Our school utilizes the service of EVI Children’s Education Information Network (Children & Parent Platform) as an online teaching platform to support parental learning and teaching at home. Besides, teaching with computers can provide children with extracurricular learning materials, which enable to broaden their learning space.

  1. 星期五定為「多元智能活動日」-包括美藝、英語及語文活動、體適能及普通話唱遊樂

Friday as the 「Multi-talent’s Day」- such as language, body movement, music and spatial intelligence




Putonghua activities (constant) and Putonghua promotion activities

The activities are planned and implemented by Putonghua teachers for the purpose to enable children to learn Putonghua in a relaxed atmosphere. Through interactive dialogue, singing, storytelling, art and various game activities are organized constantly, children’s Putonghua listening and speaking abilities are enhanced. Besides, concerning the Putonghua promotion activities, yearly topics are designed as the guideline for teachers when they are going to formulate the curriculum of Putonghua learning, such as yearly topics weekly poems, Putonghua Day, Putonghua singing / recitation contest and Putonghua shows, children’s communication capacity in Putonghua are improved.


  1. 閱讀計劃、早讀課及新聞剪報


Reading programs, morning reading classes and newspaper clippings

      In order to encouraging children to read at home, our school promotes a series of reading programs and organizes the “Discipline in Life” reading every morning in school. In order to promote language skills for K2 and K3 classes, we also assign newspaper clipping work for them.


  1. 大自然與生活


Nature and Living

Our schools provides an environment that encourages children to take the initiative to explore a variety of senses and curiosity about things around them, the initial learning using observations, questions and assumptions, and the development of problem-solving skills, appreciation, respect and love towards the attitude of nature.


  1. 暑期活動


Summer activities

      Upon the completion of our regular classes around late July, a series of summer activities with special topics will be designed for our children to participate.