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校園環境 School Environment




The environment is the 「third」 teacher of children. Creating a stimulating and interactive learning environment on campus could encourage children to use their senses to explore and to express their perceptions of things so as to meet their learning needs.








Our Campus

The school is attached to the Multi-Services Complex building of the Yan Chai Hospital in Tsuen Wan. The school area is spacious, covering 10,000 square meters.

To utilize the advantage of school’s layout, teachers are able to mobilize every corner to locate the teaching materials in a more flexible way, such as visual and sensory stimulation equipments. The interesting and interactive learning environment is very important and effective for children to develop their knowledge and talents.





 本校獲環境及自然保育基金撥款 178,000港元進行節能燈具及冷氣裝置。是次工程將全校T8光管轉為節能的T5光管,並更換所有燈罩。更換後,全校整體較以前光亮。此外,學校更換了部分節能冷氣機。在此,本校特別鳴謝「環境及自然保育基金」撥款。


“Green Compus”

Thank you for the sponsorship of the Environment and Conservation Fund. With the fund of HK$178,000, we had made an effort to upgrade the school with energy-saving lamps and air-conditioners. All T8 fluorescent tubes were converted to energy-saving T5, and all lamp shades were replaced. The renovation creates a more comfortable light system to the school. In addition, energy saving air-conditioners have also been replaced.