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德育及公民教育 Moral & Civic Education

 本校捐建人蔡百泰榮譽博士MH 積極發揚「仁者存心、濟世利眾」的仁濟宗旨,尊老愛幼,力倡公民道德教育。在擔任仁濟醫院董事局主席期間,創立「德育及公民教育獎勵基金」,使香港學生能從小受到德育薰陶,加強公民意識。本校一直秉承蔡博士的辦學理念,將「德育及公民教育」列為校本課程。




With the principle of “Serving the Community in the Spirit of Benevolence”, Dr. Choi Pat Tai, MH, the school donator strongly emphasizes on “Respect Elderly, Love youngest” , and promoting the moral and civic education. During his tenure as Chairman of the Board of the Yan Chai Hospital, he established the Moral and Civic Education Incentive Fund to enable Hong Kong students to receive moral education from an early age, and to enhance their civic awareness. Our school has been adhering to Dr. Choi’s philosophy and his concern on 「Moral and Civic Education」 , which has been sticking as a major part of our school-based curriculum.


* School win the distinction on 「Moral and Civic Education Campaign」for thirteenth consecutive years