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幼小銜接 Kindergarten-Primary interface



Early childhood education and primary education are two distinct stages of education. There are major differences in design and atmosphere of education environment, the education mode, types of activities, life style and rest system just to name a few. For the purpose of helping the children familiarize with the new learning stage and assisting parents prepare for it as well, we places very great emphasis on P1 convergence. Our school often has cooperation with community organizations and primary schools so as to provide a wide range of activities and services for the needs of parents and children.


升小一銜接課程 Bridging course for Primary 1



“Happy to Primary 1” is a 4 weeks bridging course which is conducted for our K3 children. Through a modeling class which is designed to mimic the teaching environment of primary school, as well as a visit in order to gain hands on experience, children have chance to feel the school life of Primary 1 in advance. In addition, parents will also have chance to attend the “Going to Primary 1” seminar that will help parents to understand the contents of Primary 1 Adaptation Week for children.