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家長義工隊 Parent Volunteers



家長的參與對學生的學習成效非常重要,校方招募家長義工,如擔任故事爸媽、出席慈善活動、協助參觀活動等等,藉此建立一個 溝通渠道,促進大家的聯繫、了解和合作。家長從參與家校協作事宜上,有彼此分享及交流教導子女的機會,亦可提供有建設性的意見,以助持續改善,使孩子愉快成長。我們期望家長能積極參與,共同實踐「親師合作」的開放式教育典範。




Parents are children’s first teachers. In the school spirit of “ family-oriented” faith, family life is essential to provide quality support services for children and their parents, to promote parent education, parent-child communication, so that the family can cultivate children’s interest in learning with the school.


Parental involvement of student learning is very important, our school recruits parent volunteers, such as story telling, attend charity events, assist outing etc and to establish a channel of communication, we promote understanding and cooperation. Parental involvement from the home-school collaboration matters, there is the opportunity to share and exchange their teaching their children, can also provide constructive advice to help continue to improve, so that children grow up happy. We expect parents to actively participate in the practice of 「pro-teacher cooperation」 open educational model.


We organize recognition and award projects, to show appreciation to the continuous commitment of the volunteers.