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家校協作 School-Home Collaboration






– 日常面談、電話聯絡、 學生手冊、學校通訊、兒童學習及家庭表現評估、課程家長會、親師日


Parents are the main role models of their children that is an indispensable element through the civilization process of every child. Based on the principle of “Family Oriented”, we are providing the best support to the community in order to improve parental communication, and stimulate the learning motivation of children.


As we understand that parents』 participation is very important to the learning achievement of their children. The volunteer team organized by our school aims at establishing communication channel to promote the links, understanding and cooperation. Through discussion on school and home-teach affairs, a “Parent-School Collaboration” model is formed. Both parents and teachers have chances to share experience with each other, and are able to provide valuable opinions for the continuing improvement of our education quality.


We communicate with parents in the following ways:

– Daily interview,Telephone conversation、Student Handbook、School Journal、Performance Assessment、Curriculum seminar for parents、Parent-Teacher Day.