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學習評估 Assessment



Our school provides regular assessments on children’s actual performance at school in various ways, which will all be compiled into portfolios so that parents can keep track of their children’s growth and development throughout their kindergarten years.

評估方法 Assessment method






 讓孩子……  讓老師……
 在校的生活與學習的關係  在校的生活與學習的關係  在校的生活與學習的關係
 欣賞到他們的長處和優點  學習自我評鑑和反思



 學習自我評鑑和反思  檢討課程的規劃


The children will have their particular performance assessed in difference growing stages, which may reflect their learning situation of that particular stage. We are applying various methods to record the actual performance of children so that the school and parents can track and witness the development of the child. Such information could also reveal important information and direction for school in revising new curriculum.

Files on learning history can reveal information as below:

 Let parents know… Let children… Let teachers …
Relationships between school life and learning behaviour Understand their own ability, enhance self-confidence A blueprint for children’s learning and growth is expected in order to organize ongoing work on observation and evaluation
To appreciate their strength and advantages To learn self assessment and self revision Join the parents to read and enhance communication
Potential for further development and enhancement To appreciate own progress, stimulate learning motivation Evaluate the structure of curriculum