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機構背景 Background of Organization



Yan Chai Hospital has been providing services for the people of Hong Kong for over 50 years, initially providing only medical services of the hospital, after the previous Directors continues to strive to build and develop services, today’s Yan Chai Hospital, is already a highly diversified scale of charity services, our service areas are spread throughout the territory, the scope of our services includes medical services, educational services and social services.




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辦學宗旨﹑辦學使命 School Mission


We uphold the principle of “Serving the Community in the Spirit of Benevolence,” offering quality and diversified educational services, enabling children to acquire knowledge and skills in a fun and proactive manner, helping them establish positive attitude towards life and excellent character, which all consolidate towards their learning basis.



Provide children with a quality learning environment, which helps them establish a proactive learning attitude and cultivate positive morality and social development, and which enlightens them to the extent that they will have a creative mind and be able to fulfil their potential, in the end becoming all-round grown-ups.