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報名手續 Admission

幼稚園 / 幼兒中心報名手續
1. 幼兒滿十八個月即可報名。
2. 於服務時間到本校索取申請表格或於本校網頁下載。
3. 填妥表格後可郵寄或於服務時間交回。
4. 學校收到申請表後,於十四個工作天內以書面通知輪候編號。﹝必須於交齊文件後才獲發輪候編號。﹞
5. 每年11月面見申請幼兒及家長,面見日期及時間將另函通知。本校將於面見時收取港幣$30報名費。


Kindergarten / Child Care Centre
1. Children aged 18 months can apply.
2. Application forms can be obtained from our school during service hours or downloaded from our website.
3. Completed application forms can be mailed to us or returned to us during service hours.
4. Once we receive your application form, we will notify you of your application number in written form within 14 working days. (You will be given an application number only after you have submitted all the required documents.)
5. We will have an interview with the applicants – both children and parents – in November. The interview date and time will be notified separately in writing. We will collect an application fee of $30 on the interview day.



報名所需文件 Required Documents


  1. 出生證明文件正本及副本(正本用作核對)   
  2. 針咭正本及副本(正本用作核對) 
  3. 近照一張 (近照需貼在申請表內)   
  4. 回郵信封五個(貼足夠郵費及寫上通訊地址)
  1. 1 copy of the birth certificate of the applicant.
  2. 1 copy of the immunization record of the applicant
  3. 1 copy of the recent colour photo of the applicant.
  4. 5 stamped envelopes with return address.