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制服隊伍 Uniform Groups





In this school since 2002, to apply to the Scout Assocation Of Hong Kong to set up a “1330th New Territories Group”, and held a swearing-in ceremony in February of the same year: the aim is to use a wide range of school activities, and family life the practice of co-ordination, guidance and encouragement by parents, so as to promote children’s learning and enhance the parent-child relationship. Under the cooperation between home and school, from early childhood development process, helping players learn to love family, friends and love nature, so as to to bee small Scout curriculum objectives.


Beside general gathering, Small Scout leader also arrangements small Scout participation diversified extracurricular activities, as visit community, and visits elderly, and let small Scout players except awareness himself side of people and thing, also can will small Scout “love family, and love friends, and love nature” of spirit promote open to.